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Starstepper The Apache Medicine Man-Beginnnings


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Starstepper The Apache Medicine Man-Beginnnings

Author : Wrath Warbone

Submitted : 2014-01-03 02:41:28    Word Count : 1341    Popularity:   Not Rated

Tags:   starstepper the apache medicine man, medicine man, apache medicine men, medicine men, apache fiction, short stories

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Copyright (c) 2014 Wrath Warbone

In a small Indian village a young boy played with a tom-a-hawk. There was a sound of many hoof beats and his mother ran up to him. " Come, my son, pony soldiers are coming to kill us. You must hide."

As the Indian warriors ran out to meet the attack, the lad's mother hid him in the tepee under some blankets. "You must not come out until I say." He lay under the blankets for many hours and heard the sound of gun fire and warriors whooping. Then the sounds died away. Yet his mother did not come back. Night fall, then day break.

"It is so hot under these blankets. I will come out."

He crawled from under the blankets and saw his mother dead on the tepee floor, a bullet through her heart. "Oh, mother, what has happened?' He walked outside and looked around. Everyone was dead. What will I do, he thought. He could not stand to see all his friends dead, so he walked.

Later, in the woods, he heard more hoof beats.

"Someone is coming, I must hide."

An old Indian medicine man was on horse back. He rode up to the bush where the boy was hiding and said, "Little one, come out." The boy stepped out from behind the bushes. "Please do not harm me," He said.

"Child, I will not harm you. I know what has happened to your village. I am also an Apache. You will come with me."

So the boy was lifted up onto the horse and they rode off together. After a while they came to a cabin in he woods.

"I make this my home. You are welcome to join me," said the old Indian.

The boy lived with the medicine man for many years. The old man taught him all he knew on Apache Medicine , including the use of magic herbs.. Soon the boy learned to change into any animal he wished to become.

When he became thirteen he chose the name Starstepper because a magical eagle was sent to him as a friend by the Great Spirit, and by using a magic herb he could shrink to a tiny size and ride on the eagle's back. The old man told him that one day he would be called great by the white man.

One day the old medicine man took sick and lay on his death bed. "Starstepper," he said.

"Yes, sir?" replied the young man.

" I am old and dieing, but it is said that on the sacred mountain grows a herb that can make one immortal.. You must go to the mountain and bring me back the herb."

"Yes, I will go now."

Starstepper rode for three days. He arrived at the sacred mountain and found the herb. When he returned to the old man he found him dead. Starstepper broke into tears. " You have been my only father, and now, like the others, you are gone. I will always remember you." Starstepper then used the herb for himself. He buried the old man in the Apache way on the side of the sacred mountain. He prayed to the Great Spirit for his friend's and mentor's protection and then left.

For many years he wandered about the wilderness and talked with the animals. He would turn into different kinds of animals and commune with them and frolic in their manner. Then one day he grew lonely for human company and called to his pet eagle. "Singing Wings, I have been many years away from people. Far too long. We will go to the white man's city." So saying, he took his shrinking herb and shrank down to a tiny size and mounted the eagle's back.. They flew into the sky.

After a while he spotted a great modern city. He landed in an alley and grew to his normal size. He stepped onto the sidewalk. On the sidewalk were three teenage punks.

"What are you made up for.... tick or treat?", they taunted.

"I come in peace," spoke Starstepper softly.

"When we get done, you'll be in pieces!" they said.

They moved around him. One had a knife. Another had a chain and the other a piece of pipe. Starstepper turned into a great Kodiak bear and reared up and roared ferociously. The boys ran off. Starstepper changed back into his human form.

An old lady who looked on said to Starstepper, "Mister, what you just did was great. I am the owner of a small hotel in this terrible neighborhood. If you come and work for me as my security guard, I will give you free room and good pay." Starstepper wanted to learn the ways of the city so he replied, " I will come."

One day as the old lady stood at the lobby desk, three men came in. "We've come for our protection money," they said.

"Of course."

As she spoke she pushed the alarm button she had wired to Starstepper's room. Then she started putting money into the their sack. When they turned around to leave they saw Starstepper in the form of a six foot tall eagle standing in front of them holding a shield.

"Put the money back," Said the eagle.

The men opened fire but the bullets bounced off the shield that was magically treated. Then fire came out of the eagle's mouth and burned their hands so they had to drop their guns and the loot. The great bird knocked them out with a tom-a-hawk.

" Are you all right?" Starstepper asked the old hotel owner.

"Yes, now you must take them to the jail!"

" What is jail?"

"It is a room with a cage door where we decent people keep criminals."

She showed him where the jail was on the map and he took them there right away. Then he returned to the hotel.

"Starstepper," the old lady said," those men work for a big crime boss. Soon someone will be at the police station to give the police bail money for their release. Then they will return here to get revenge. You must be ready to protect yourself."

Starstepper called his eagle. He shrank to a tiny size and again mounted the eagle's back. He flew to the police station. From the top of the building he saw the three men leave with a bondsman. They got int a black limousine and drove off. Starstepper followed. They came to a big mansion and went inside where they met the big boss. Starstepper sat on the open window ledge and listened. The boss, after hearing the tale his men told, said, "I don't believe a word of it."

"But boss, we swear it's true, Would we tell a lie that big to anyone?"

"Come on, we're going go to that hotel and bump off that Indian."

They got their Tommy guns and took off. Starstepper mounted his eagle and beat them back to the hotel. As they entered the building the old lady pushed the alarm button.

"Come on , Granny. Take us to the Indian."

"He is not an Indian," she said. "He is an Apache."

"Come on."

"Yes, Gentlemen," she replied, and walked them to Starstepper room.

When they opened the door they saw Starstepper standing with sunglasses on and holding a lit candle in his hand. Before they could open fire Starstepper touched the candle to some dust in a bowl. It gave off a great flash of light and blinded the mobsters. Starstepper then knocked them out with his tom-a-hawk.

Right after he returned from the police station the old lady asked what that stuff was that made the great flash of light. "It is a magic dust that we learned of from the white man. They call it flash powder!" His friend smiled and they returned to the matters of the day. Thus started the continuing education of The Big Boss concerning Starstepper, The Apache Medicine Man.

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Wrath Warbone invites you to enjoy the first story in Starstepper, The Apache Medicine Man, his first Kindle eBook And he thanks you.

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